The Barkley Square Restaurant

After nearly 3 decades the owners of The Barkley Square have sold and are retiring from the restaurant business.

Through this simple message the owners would like to say "Thank You" for your patronage.

The growth & success we've experienced over the last 29 years is because of our valued customers.

It has been a pleasure serving you.


: The Barkley Square was nominated numerous times, through Nottawasaga Futures & Innisfil Chamber of Commerce for the quality award, Business of the year and recognized for outstanding customer service.

: The Barkley Square was featured in Toronto Today television.

: The original Yonge St or Highway 11 runs at the back of the Barkley Square.

: The Barkley Square was under the same ownership and management for over a quarter century.

: The Barkley Square has attracted a clientele of Royalty, Celebrities, Dignitaries & Professionals. Amongst them Prince Andrew, producer Norman Jewison, actor Mairtin O'Carrigan, actor Alan Thicke, Actor/director Yannick Bisson and producer/actress Chantel Craig.

: William Ronald Barkley was the founder and chef of Barkley Square.

: Barkley Square opened its doors for the first time on May 24 weekend 1947.

: William Barkley opened the restaurant along his sister Irene.

: William Barkley received the first liquor permit in 1957 permitting him to use liquor for cooking.

The Barkley Square

A few pictures from over the years.

Summer Room

The Summer Room event space set up for a wedding


Christmas Village

Christmas Village decorations


New Owners 1988

Owners of The Barkley Square Restaurant for 29 years in 1988.


The Barkley Square Restaurant

The Barkley Square Restaurant


The Barkley Square Restaurant 1945

The Barkley Square Restaurant being built in 1945


Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations in the Pine Room


Pine Room

The Pine room at The Barkley Square


The Barkley Room

The Barkley Room set up for Christmas